In 1980, the total number of interracial marriages was 651,000. Studies point out that endogamy (marriage within the race) was more prevalent in uneducated African Americans. In other words, the black people that married outside of their race were at the top of their races education level. This fact gives off an underlying notion that states in order to have a white girl fall in love with a black man, the black man needed to be intelligent and attractive. 74% of black people agreed with dating other races in the 1980s.

The movie entitled Under the Cherry Moon is about a group of black men who court, and romance rich white women, only to scam them and then steal their money. However, one of the characters, played by Prince, ends up falling in love with one of his targets, a rich white women he intended to scam.

Under the Cherry Moon

In 1989 a monumental movie came out directed by Spike Lee entitled, Do the Right Thing.  Even though it was not a movie focused on interracial romance, it is still important to note the significance on the film when talking about the racial trends in America during this time period.  Spike Lee wanted an anthem for his movie and chose Public Enemy’s Fight the Power.  This song became an anthem song for politicized youth and was “released during a crucial period in America’s struggle with race….capturing both the psychological and social conflicts of the time”, according to Laura K. Warrell of Salon.

In 1987 Fatal Beauty, starring Whoopi Goldberg, hit the box offices. Whoopi played a black DEA agent who ends up falling in love with a white bodyguard of a drug kingpin she is chasing.  Whoopi was quoted saying, “Hollywood is still queasy about dealing with interracial couples” when asked about her on screen relationship.





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